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Promo Tour

Title: Just Ride

Series: The Legion Series, Book 1

Author: Xyla Turner

Genre: MC Romance

Release Date: January 19, 2016





“I don’t f*** bikers.” Was Kylie’s parting words to the sexy biker who happened to be the Guardian’s MC President. She just moved back to the town she grew up and her first confrontation was with Razor, a biker. He was hot and had the potential of completely invading her life.

She attempts to pump the brakes on his roller coaster, but after her stalker scares some sense into her, she runs to the arms of the Legion of Guardian motorcycle club. Razor tries to steer clear of the young vixen, but he can’t help his pull towards her.

How can he keep his creed with his brothers, the town and get his woman?

Quick Clip:

“Razor!” I exclaimed. “We need to come to a truce. We can’t keep doing this.”
“Then put me out of my misery.”
“You know how.”
“Not really.”
“Let me show you.”


just ride-MC




Just Ride - XylaTurner 4

Just Ride3-emblem


Just Ride - XylaTurner


Just Ride - XylaTurner 2(1)



Xyla Turner was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. As a teenager, Xyla wrote short stories and essays that have won numerous awards in local to nationwide competitions. She is an avid reader, but a sucker for romance. Specifically, sassy females and dominant males. Xyla is a dedicated educator and a life coach. Outside of reading, Xyla likes to spend time with her family and travel. She writes different genres, but her favorite is romance.
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