New Adult

03 Dec

Release Blitz & Giveaway: Inseparable by Sloan Johnson


Out Now!
Trevor and Gabe never knew life without the other. As only children, they grew up as close as brothers, but their love grew to something more. Something they couldn’t talk about because their parents wouldn’t understand.

20 Sep

Release Blitz: Catch My Fall by Jessica Scott

Contemporary Romance

I know the things she doesn’t talk about. At least some of them. I know what things used to keep her up at night. I know how good things used to be between us, once upon a war. And I know exactly the moment things got screwed up.

20 Apr

Blog Tour & Excerpt: Coping Skills by Jerica MacMillan

Contemporary Romance

Back at Marycliff University for her senior year, Elena Martinez is still reeling from her father’s devastating car accident over the summer. Awash in anger and guilt and shouldering ongoing family responsibilities, she tries to pretend that everything’s fine, even though it’s anything but.

18 Apr

Review: Relationship Status by K.A. Mitchell

Coming of Age

Falling in love is easy. Staying there is the trick in this third book in bestselling author K.A. Mitchell’s male/male Ethan & Wyatt trilogy.

11 Apr

Review: Wounded Dance by Deanna Roy


For four years, I’ve had a terrible, wonderful, beautiful secret.
But now it’s out.

29 Mar

Review / Giveaway: Forbidden Dance by Deanna Roy

Contemporary Romance

“My sweet, sweet Livia,” he says. “I’m going to fall so hard for you.”

07 Mar

New Release! Giveaway, Excerpt, & Review: 245 Days by Isabelle Peterson


Taylor and Ashley are insanely sexy, their lust-at-first-sight is heart pounding stuff and their journey is poignant and beautiful.

13 Feb

Review: As I Am by A. M. Arthur

GLBTQ Romance

This was such a hard book to read in some ways but it was also inspiring to read how these two young people work hard to confront their personal demons.

28 Jan

Release Tour, Excerpt & Review: Unsaid Things by Jerica MacMillan

New Adult Fiction

If you’re looking for a hero you can swoon over and make your next book boyfriend, one-click Unsaid Things now!

22 Nov

Relaunch & Review: Summer Fling by Jerica MacMillan

Contemporary Romance

One summer is all they have …Lance is a notorious player on and off the football field who never sees a girl more than twice. Abby comes from a world where men don’t stick around. Will Abby be able to maintain her distance? Or will they both be heartbroken when the summer ends?

30 Oct

Release Blitz, Excerpt, Giveaway & Review: Managed Hearts by Jerica MacMillan

Contemporary Romance

Three years ago Hannah met a sexy surfer while on vacation in Westport, WA. After a whirlwind summer romance, he ghosts. She’s tried to move on, but no other guy has ever measured up. And now she comes face to face with him on the first day of her new internship.

14 Oct

Review: Fight by Molly McLain

Contemporary Romance

Colton and Taylor’s story continues – Velocity #2

12 Sep

Review: Say It Right by A. M. Arthur

GLBTQ Romance

Marc has never stopped loving Anthony but he promised himself that he would never date an addict. Now Marc has to decide if he’s willing to break his promise to help the man he’s always wanted but never though he could have.

08 Sep

Review: Fakers by Mark Summers

GLBTQ Romance

“I guess it made me wonder whether I’ll ever find a love that lasts.”
“How can you be sure there even is a love like that?”