Who We Are

Xtreme Delusions is the result of the collaborative efforts of Jean Smith, Deb Markanton and Misty Barron. Early in the summer of 2015, when Jean and Deb realized they were writing a lot of reviews they tossed the idea of creating a review site back and forth. Xtreme Delusions is the result. In September of 2015, we brought Misty into the endeavor.

All of us are avid romance and urban fantasy readers. So, it will be no surprise that the bulk of our reviews are for these books, although not all. We’ll be slipping in a few other genres from time to time. In particular, you will find a page dedicated to children’s books. As many of our viewers are parents, it only makes sense to include reviews of children’s books. It also helps that Jean has two grandchildren more than willing to help with the reviewing. Each of us has raised children so we are very conscience of the care a parent takes in selecting reading material for their kids. In addition, you may find reviews popping up for self-help topics, how-to books and writer resource books.

The premise for Xtreme Delusions is that reading is the ultimate escape from reality. It is our hope that the reviews we share will lead you to books that give you an escape from reality. We all need a vacation from time to time and there are so many offered between the covers of a book. Whether it’s a trip in time, a trip to foreign lands, or a trip to alternate realities, there are new worlds to explore, new races, new species, new cultures when you let your imagination get lost in a book.

Along with the reviews we also provide author and cover artist interviews, cover reveals, teaser excerpts, contests, recommendations, series recaps and future release schedules, along with whatever other features we can dream up. We want to foster discussion, and we welcome your comments. In fact, if you’d like to do a guest review or become a contributor here at Xtreme Delusions, please let us know.

Reviews are very subjective. What appeals to one person may or may not appeal to another for so many different reasons. Therefore, our reviews are seldom short and sweet. It’s very hard to give you, the reader, a sense of what our own take on a particular book is without giving you a bit more than a paragraph of feel good blah blahs. While we will try to share how a book impacted us emotionally, we will also try to share what evoked those emotions. All too often we’ve also found that blurbs don’t necessarily tell you much about the characters or the plot of a book. Therefore, we may reveal a bit of the plot in our reviews but will endeavor not to include any spoilers. The information we provide is meant to entice you to read the book if you find it appealing.

So welcome to Xtreme Delusions! We hope your time with us is pleasurable. Please come back often.